Summer has finally arrived and we hope everyone is finally enjoying some good weather.

The board has a couple changes for 2020, some by choice, others due to circumstance.

First, due to the restrictive laws in Ohio regarding auctioneering, Auctioneers Inc. (Grant & Megan Cole) will not be able to have an auction at the show. While most members enjoyed the event, some over the years have felt it took away from the room sales. Due to the legalities, the board has decided not to try and fill the event with another auction house this year (as it would have to be an Ohio company).

With the loss of the auction, and many starting to feel that decoy shows in general are to long, we have decided to try a two day event in 2020. The show will officially open on Friday with only room to room sales. Saturday will follow 2019 with room sales, Vintage Contest, membership meeting and Favorite Flock Display/cocktail party.

For those that like to get a head start setting up, everyone is still welcome to come early on Thursday.

The board members understand the time and effort it takes to make each show as well as the cost associated. We have been hearing from many that the shows tend to run to long for some time now. So, we are willing to give it a try and hopefully it will consolidate attendance and help expediate sales and purchases.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the summer auctions if your going. Take care and good luck collecting!

Warmest Regard’s,


Marty Hanson

GLDA President