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Upcoming Show

Upcoming Show

March 18th and 19th, 2022

Holiday Inn Cleveland

Greetings Great Lakes Decoy Association Members,

As most of you have heard by now, our 2021 show which was to be held in conjunction with the ODCCA has been canceled due to the pandemic.

The GLDA and the ODCCA have negotiated with the hotel and will be having our next show in March of 2022.

We have redone our website (please take a look and will be putting next years dates of March 18th and 19th on there soon (always third full weekend in March).

The Board of Directors would like to remind everyone that the GLDA is a non profit organization. No one involved with our group has a paying position within it. All work done is voluntary and performed simply because we want to put forth the best possible experience for all who attend.

If you paid for a membership for 2020, that will be extended for the 2022 show. We have not, and are not, asking members to pay for two years where we could not have the show.

In short, the club spent quite a bit of money last year in advertising (2020) for a show that we were not allowed to have. We have money in the bank for a “rainy day” and that day has come. Without asking for more membership dues, we will be advertising for the 2022 show using money from that rainy day fund.

We are also asking everyone that sent dealer room money for 2020, to please leave it with the club to be used as your payment for the 2022 show. The effort to write and return these fund would be an overwhelming task for our treasurer and room organizer. As noted, these are non paying jobs, we all have better things to do with our spare time. To be clear, none of the board members have asked for, or taken, a refund. Our money has been left in the club account as well.

We appreciate your understanding and willingness to weather this storm with us, so that we can finally put a show together in 2022 with the ODCCA, which per the membership desires, we finally were able to accommodate.

Stay safe, healthy and look forward to a great show in March of 2022. Thank you.

Warmest Regards,
GLDA Board of Directors

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